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The Golf Agency

Golf. Honest. Marketing.

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TGA Productions dba The Golf Agency is a full service golf advertising, marketing, and consulting agency with extensive experience in the golf and sports industry.   The Golf Agency was founded on the realization that companies with better performing products and unique selling propositions had a difficult time getting their message out to consumers in an economic and effective manner.  

Over the past 25 years, The Golf Agency has developed hundreds of marketing campaigns based upon identifying unique value propositions and leveraging those propositions to target a well-defined target group of consumers.   In the course of those campaigns, The Golf Agency has developed an expertise in direct response marketing campaigns, golf infomercials, product design, business development, and comprehensive media and advertising campaigns.


Our experience allows us to understand your business from the perspective of both you and the consumer, which allows us to work more efficiently and effectively to maximize your potential for success.

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