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Clients and Successes


 Since our founding, the #1 focus of TGA has been achieving revenue growth through Direct Response advertising. TGA has developed business strategies that give our clients the measurable competitive advantages they need to successfully grow and establish their brands.   Below are just a few of the clients we've had the pleasure of working with and a small sampling of the successful campaigns executed by The Golf Agency.


SkyCaddie GPS from SkyGolf

TGA named the product SkyCaddie (formerly SG2) and produced, wrote, directed and managed and purchased the media the extremely successful infomercial. TGA also identified Peter Jacobsen as endorser/host and provided the initial introduction to his involvement with SkyCaddie.  Revenue growth increased from $400,000 to $15 Million in 12 months, to $45 Million in year two, $80 Million in year three and over $100 Million year four. 

Orlimar Golf Company

TGA named the Orlimar fairway wood the TriMetal due to its revolutionary three-metal composite. The infomercial which launched December 31, 1997 served as the vehicle to sell over 1 million units worldwide and allowed Orlimar grow from an obscure San Francisco Bay company to a household brand almost overnight.

Following the launch of the Tri-Metal, Orlimar Golf saw revenue growth from $1 Million to $69 Million in 12 Months and $100 Million in year two. Orlimar reported a $15 million dollar profit from its first year's operations after launch of the TriMetal infomercial.


  • GX7 Metal wood

  • Square Strike Wedge

  • GOLFPASS / Golf Channel

  • PRGR Launch Monitor

  • Pyramid Putter

  • c3i Wedge

  • Hopkins Golf

  • Orlimar TriMetal

  • xE1 wedge

  • Bobby Jones Hybrid

  • Dead Aim Putter

  • TLess Driver

  • Speed System Driver

  • Sure Set Trainer

  • SwingSmart

  • OptiShot

  • Swing Caddie Launch Monitor

  • SkyCaddie GPS from SkyGolf

  • SkyPro swing analyzer 

  • Tour Striker

  • SkyCaddie LINX and Touch GPS

  • Secret Grip with Jack Nicklaus

  • Hank Haney's Blueprint and Power Clinic

  • Roger Fredricks Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility

  • AJ Reveals the Truth About Golf

  • Jim Hardy's The Plane Truth

  • Impact Zone Golf with Bobby Clampett

  • Square to Square with Arron Oberholser and Doug Tewell

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